Heads up PSU’nians

     29 April 2022The PSU-Asingan students come back to school after 2 (two) years of online-distance learning to attend their first limited face-to-face classes in the new normal, Monday, April 25.

     After the pronouncement of the Inter Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF-EID) approving the 100 percent capacity in colleges and universities in-person classes in Alert Level 1 under IATF Resolution 164 dated March 10, the Pangasinan State University has made all the efforts to prepare all necessary and pertinent requirements to conduct the first limited face-to-face classes in the university.

     The first conduct of the limited face-to-face classes in the campus was attended by the faculty and staff and fourth-year students from the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT).

01 March 2022PSU-AC students receive SIM Cards today!

     Thanks to Dr. Armando D. Junio (Campus Executive Director); Dr. Philip G. Nonales (Coordinator for Students Affairs and Services); Mr. Christopher D. Espero and Mr. Reven B. Ferrer (SSC Advisers) and the SSC Officers of the campus for spearheading this distribution of sim cards which will be loaded with free loads for the continuous online learning of students this 2nd semester of the SY 2021- 2022.

08 November, 2021—SSC and Techno Officers Took Oath

     The newly elected SSC Officers led by their President, Mark Jericho Cruz and Executive Vice President, Maria Ronalyn Nonan with the appointed Technotrends’ editorial staff headed by their Editor-in-Chief, John Paul Garcia and Associate Editor, Jayson Gaboy were called for a joint oath-taking at the Accreditation Office.

     After the recently concluded online SSC election and the rigorous search for wannabe writers of the campus paper, all were now set to exercise the duties and responsibilities of the student-leaders and writers.

01-June, 2021 – University Wide Vlog Making ContestAbsolutely worth the wait!

     After a long delay, finally, here are the winners for the Vlog Making Contest with the theme: “How did I Survive Flexible Learning?” held via Zoom on May 28, 2021. To claim your prize, present your ID/ COR to your respective SSAA Coordinator. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all of the deserving winners!



  In my own humble opinion, Pangasinan State University stands out among the leading institutions of the province and even among SUC’s of the country. It is different since it has many campuses from the different areas of Pangasinan where we could easily reach out for tertiary education. 

  I believe personally that even PSU- Asingan Campus alone produces competent professionals. It ensures the possibility to become very successful because of its geographical location, competent faculty and staff, and the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment needed in the trainings. 

  PSU truly prepares us how to soldier on the battlefield called LIFE! 


BSE- English, Batch 2002

   It is truly nostalgic if I will recapitulate how I persevered as an ordinary student at Pangasinan State University- Asingan Campus.  Because of the college education I had with PSU, I have come to the threshold of opening a lot of opportunities on my doorstep. I will never forget the ensemble of dedicated faculty members who extended their consideration and understanding to me in molding me to become the better person I am today. The difficulty of confronting the 21st century in the field of business management has become easier because of the intensive supervision and management practices we had with our professors. You really did more than what is expected of teachers.


BSBA Batch 2013

     Pangasinan State University has taught me to attain big dreams. As an alumnus who took Bachelor in Elementary Education, I have chosen to live with this principle to dream big not only for myself but also for the future of the children. I am not who I am today if not because of the ideals and principles of a good citizen emulated to me by my former professors at the university.

     Pangasinan State University has provided me with academic excellence that I passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers. The motivation and pieces of training given when I was a student-teacher were very much relevant. That is why I was very confident when I joined the ranking and was hired that same year as the newest addition at Flores Integrated School.

     Thank you very much PSU!


recognized school organizations

     The Communication Arts Circle is a group of students taking Bachelor of Secondary Education, making English their special study.        The group promotes interaction among its officers and members together with their faculty within the department. It also creates an active literary community and incre-ases participation in language and literature events and activities inside and outside the institution.

President: Connie A. Andres

Adviser: Dr. Elsa Q. Terre

     The Society of Marketing Students is a student-run organization with a purpose.  It aims for the greater cause of fulfilling its mandate of helping, uplifting and supporting its members by bringing more programs and activities to help them learn intensively and show their much-needed skills. It also hones them to become competitive members in the field of marketing management.


President: Marvin Bermudez

Adviser: Dr. Jeanlyn v. Domingo

    The Technotrends is a recognized student organization of Pangasinan State University- Asingan Campus that helps students to scale up their writing ability specifically in journalistic writing skills. It produces student publications that cover all the latest news and events concerning primarily the studentry inside and outside school affairs.


Editor-in-Chief: John Paul Garcia

Adviser: Ms. Angie B. Amla

   Performing Arts Guild (PAG) is an organization that hones students’ inclination in the arts. Its members are composed of talented young students who are passionate in the field of dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, and dramatics.


President: Kyle Jember Neil Ambrocio

Adviser: Dr. Tyrone V. Lopez

     This student organization is organized by the officers of Bachelor in Technology and Livelihood Education (BTLE) students which aims to equip future teachers to become competent professional educators and recognized experts and assessors in the field of home economics. The organization helps its fellow members with a variety of non-academic programs and activities in order to achieve the students’ maximum potential of becoming successful professionals in the future.


President: Alfredo Felipe

Adviser: Mr. Jeffrey M. Tamayo


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