Other Services


Library is one of the integral parts of an academic institution to fulfill its mission and vision in providing quality education in an excellent and satisfactory service towards its clientele. The Pangasinan State University Asingan Campus’ Library aims to provide access to its printed and digital resources that enable faculty members and students to attain their primary objectives in education – to teach and to learn. Its conducive environment allows the students to stay longer inside the library reading various books and surfing digital resources facilitated by the competent, well – trained and optimistic Campus Librarian.

Social Spaces

The Campus’ Social Room is a learning space that allows students as well as the campus administration to conduct various fora, training and symposiums. Since it is spacious, it also caters to student activities such as indoor games, socialization activities and a place where they can showcase their skills and talents in singing, acting and dancing a proof that the campus is ensuring that students are developing holistically.

Interfaith Room

Pangasinan State University- Asingan campus lives with pride and dedication as they prepare for holistic development not only of the students but also the school personnels, the teaching and non-teaching, as the campus provide an interfaith location/chapel open for everyone. This is in connection to the campus’ tagline: To become better, the best way we can. Truly, by supporting every aspect of one’s development, tha campus shall achieve this goal with pride and courage.

Swimming Pool Facility

PSU-Asingan campus seeks to give the best and quality instruction among its students in all subject areas.The campus believe in honing these students mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. In support, the campus provide not only in-campus activity areas but a Swimming pool for Physical Education subjects. The campus in partnership with Norte Breeza Resort at Domanpot, Asingan signed a Memorandum of Agreement to make this possible. Also, the instructors for these subjects are well-trained enough in providing instruction upon executing different exercises that would help the students maintain and achieve a healthy lifestyle. The campus always put the welfare of the students to develop them holistically.

Support Center

PSU-Asingan Campus believes in the leadership of today’s generation. The campus provides opportunities to the students to awaken the spirit of leadership inate in them. In line with this, there are existing student organizations that are enpowered and supported by the campus who meet at different designated areas as support centers. These designated areas as support centers are all located at Students’ Center Building. This is a two-storey building with rooms assigned to each student organization in the campus. The campus administration also provides equipment such as tables and chairs to give comfort and relief to the students involved.


Health is everybody’s business and at the same time, considered as wealth. The Campus must provide care for acute illnesses and injuries that may occur inside the school premises on an outpatient basis. Thus, the Clinic is one of the services that is integral to support the needs of the students as the primary clientele of the Campus. It is also important in providing continued support in maintaining health and wellness in the campus community.


Individuals like to gather where food is served and a Campus cafeteria is no exception. Due to modernization, the Campus canteen is now transformed into a multi-purpose space that can perform as a community hub and a classroom extension. A community hub where students as well as teachers can have the opportunity to recreate, relax, eat, work in their own space and have simple group meetings. As a classroom extension, students can work on their school projects, assignments and reports since it has Internet connectivity and outlets that bring power to their chosen work spaces.