College of Technology and Business

Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology is designed to train the students with the theory and mechanical operation of today’s automobiles in order to equip them with a strong foundation in automotive repair, including knowledge and skills in the most up-to-date and advanced technology and prepare them for employment in the automotive industry. They will be trained to perform basic maintenance requirements, repair minor automobile systems and components, and identify components, hand tools, and safety practices. They are also given hands-on mechanical training  starting from basic systems to the more complex with emphasis on lab demonstrations in order to meet the demands and challenges of an ever-changing industry.

Electrical Technology

Pangasinan State University- Asingan Campus’ Bachelor in Industrial Technology -Electrical Technology is a course program offered to provide comprehensive techniques and trainings for students upon understanding and applying proper handling of electrical equipment and its sources. Upon completing the the course, students are expected to show mastery of the target skill needed in this industry. This course will empower students in becoming useful contributors in the national and international industries.

Electronics Technology

Pangasinan State University – Asingan Campus’ Bachelor in Industrial Technology-Electronics Technology program prepares its students for field work experiencing different set ups in and out of the campus’ laboratory. With in-depth knowledge of digital circuits, inputs, electronic devices, machine management, and microcontrollers shared by highly qualified professors and instructors, the campus assures all the stakeholders that it provide highly efficient and competent professionals. Additionally, practical application and simulation on the expected field of work is practiced empowering all its students to be trained and be ready on their chosen career.

Food Service Management Technology

Food Service Management is one of the programs of Bachelor of Industrial Technology which is designed to provide the skills needed to manage a restaurant or food service outlets or food service operations such as those in hospitals, corporate cafeterias, upscale fast food operations and chain restaurants. Students will learn the major areas of menu planning, purchasing, receiving, storage, production, and control systems. This program produces future food specialists, restaurant managers, food service workers and food service managers since the demand of business food industry is high in the production line.

Mechanical Technology

Mechanical Technology is designed to produce graduates who are well-prepared for employment in the field of mechanical design and drafting, with an in-depth course of study in the technological aspects of the design profession. Students in this program will be exposed to the current technology used in industry and master production tools and equipment, mechanical part design, production planning and work flow methods, and quality assurance tools and techniques, to perform design calculations and evaluate and resolve engineering design and manufacturing issues.

Business Administration

A conductive learning environment is necessary to teach students in business administration. A classroom that enables them to work efficiently and collaboratively with their peers facilitated by competent instructors. Financial theories, methodologies and various analytical tools are integrated in teaching various fields of financial management to develop professionals who are competitive in global perspective and effective in financial decision making. Strategic marketing as well as sales management, e-commerce, franchising, retailing and corporate social responsibility are all integrated in the marketing curriculum to train students to become effective marketers and managers.

Information Technology

Pangasinan State University – Asingan Campus is equipped with Apple Computers that are shared within the two colleges to ensure that resources are utilized properly in the campus and students are exposed to hands-on activities using advanced technology. With the MAC Lab, students can experience more creativity, more engagement and more learning. Aside from the MAC Laboratory, students are still exposed to traditional Computer Laboratories equipped with computers (networked devoted to pedagogical and experiential use.

College of Education

Technology and Livelihood Education

Bachelor of Technology and livelihood Education major in Home Economics is one of the programs of Teacher Education which is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to pursue their career in academe and industry sector. BTLED program manifest a deep and principled understanding of the learning processes and the role of the teacher in facilitating these processes in their students through a well-manage classroom in TLE or TVL in elementary and secondary level. While in Industry, they are trained to manage a restaurant or food service outlets or food service operations such as those in hospitals, corporate cafeterias, upscale fast-food operations and chain restaurants. Students will learn the major areas of Home Economics, Agri-fishery, ICT, Industrial Technology. This program produces future Public School Teacher in Elementary, Secondary and Tertiary Level, TVET Trainers, TESDA Training centers trainers, TESDA Training centers assessor, entrepreneur, food specialists, restaurant managers, food service workers and even food service managers since the demand of business food industry is high in the production line.

Speech Laboratory

Indeed, PSU Asingan campus is committed in providing affordable high quality education to  ensure the quality and meaningful learning experiences by affording functional facilities which are essential in maximizing learning opportunities. This  digital  Speech Laboratory  provides an avenue for the students to  have an exposure to dedicate equipment for teaching practical side of English language. The speech lab  provides stable place for students to record their voices and videos, practice their speaking English skills by having the pronunciation drill and enjoy  variety of lessons for language, grammar  and other language skills. In the room, there are numerous cubicles, and each cubicle has modern speech equipment. The laboratory is well ventilated with an air-conditioned environment to ensure students’ relaxation and comfort while learning.

Science Laboratory

The use of laboratories in science instruction is considered essential in fostering continuous growth and development as learning centers as a support to the program objective of the Bachelor of Secondary Education major in science. The Science Laboratory aims to provide adequate services to attain academic excellence and competitiveness in a safe and conducive learning environment through the provision of quality service to students and teachers using the laboratories. Equipment and materials are up-to-date and well-maintained laboratory rooms and professionally trained faculty members to handle the subjects with laboratory units. This is to ensure that students are exposed to activities in improving their investigative skills, broaden the concepts they master, improve their cognitive skills, understand the nature of science and promote a scientific attitude.