The College of Education (COE) and College of Technology and Business (CTB) extended the result of their research study to San Vicente West Integrated School (SVWIS) through their Phase 1: Mastery of Fundamental Mathematics Operations Using Math Player Game App on October 15, 2021.

Mr. Jb O. Doria, College Dean of the College of Technology and Business and at the same time proponent of the project demonstrated and oriented the parents on the use of the Math Player Game App to enhance the mastery of fundamental mathematical operations. Parents and teachers were the recipient of the said activity and later on will be the one to teach their students and children at home because they cannot go out to attend the said training.

Dr. Mary Jane U Quibilan, Chair of the BEE and General Education Department, researcher and extensionist donates another set of Big Books to SVWIS. As a result of her study, Dr. Quibilan continuously supports the adopted school through Big Book donations to the Elementary department of the school. The said activity happened on September 17, 2021.