Mr. Laurence D. Agsalud, Planning Coordinator and Faculty member of the College of Education who handles Technology for Teaching and Learning was invited by Ms. Betty M. Gutierrez, Master Teacher I and Ms. Cheryl A. Laranang, Teacher III of Don Alipio Fernandez Sr. Integrated School (DAFSIS) to speak on Social Learning Functionality of Facebook for Distance Learning on March 30, 2021 during the conduct of the School Learning Action Cell (SLAC).

During this time of pandemic and the lack of Internet connectivity, most students are unable to join online classes using Zoom teleconferencing or Google Meet. The said SLAC aims to provide options for the teachers to reach for their students. Mr. Agsalud presented the use of Social Learning Functionality of Facebook or the so-called “Facebook Classroom” where teachers can upload materials for the easier access of students. He further discussed some features of the said function of Facebook for better appreciation among teachers.

At the end of the SLAC, teachers were able to create their own Facebook Classroom for their classes where they can upload their activity sheets and recorded discussion, administer quizzes and host a question-and-answer session. Mr. Agsalud thanked Ms. Gutierrez and Ms. Laranang as well as the school principal, Mr. Dennis A. Fernandez.