Gear up for the Sports and Cultural Fest 2023 – it’s not just about competition; it’s a celebration of YOU, unity, progress, and well-being!

Introducing “Your Sports Safety Tips” – before hitting the field, court, or track, fuel your triumph with these game-changing guidelines. Post-game, refresh, refuel, and celebrate teamwork for a swift recovery. The journey to victory goes beyond the scoreboard – it’s about well-being, unity, and epic success! 🏅✨

Athletes, enthusiasts, commit these tips to memory! In case of any health concerns, our campus nurses, Mr. Aaron Manasseh Agsalud and Ms. Elizabeth Della are here to assist because your well-being is the top priority! 🌡️💙

Let’s make Sports and Cultural Fest 2023 legendary, health-conscious, and unforgettable. Countdown to epic moments and unbeatable well-being starts NOW! 🚀🎊