Information Technology Society




We, the students of Pangasinan State University, Asingan Campus, a member-institution of the Information Technology Society are desirous of establishing an organization that will unite, promote, and improve information technology and hereby organize the PSU Asingan Campus – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY and adopt this constitution and-by-laws.


Section I. The governing organization shall be officially called the PSU Asingan Campus – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY, or PSU Asingan Campus – IT Society.


Section II. The objectives of the organization shall be:

  1. To uphold the principles and interest of the Information Technology Students.
  2. To support the IT Department and other member-institution’s objectives mandated to improve Information Technology in the country.
  3. To develop the abilities and talents of students in the field of information technology.
  4. To enhance and strengthen student’s capabilities in team building and leadership skills.
  5. To promote camaraderie not only among the student-members of the campus but also among members of the different higher educational institutions.


Section I. Members of the PSU Asingan Campus – Information Technology Society must come from the PSU Asingan Campus only.

Section II. The organization shall consist mainly of the students enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology course in PSU Asingan Campus.

Section III. The organization members must be:

  1. Recommended by faculty members of the institution teaching in Information Technology department.
  2. Have a good moral character and have not violated any of the campus or university’s rules and regulations.

Section IV. The organization shall collect a minimal membership fee of one hundred pesos (P100.00) from among its members. Of this collection, Fifty pesos (P50.00) shall be remitted to the PSU Asingan Campus IT Society. The remaining fifty pesos (P50.00) shall be retained by the member campus as a revolving fund.

Section V. Other minimal fees and contributions can be collected by the organization from among its members, ONLY IF such fees or contributions has been approved unanimously by its members, and approved by the adviser.


Section I. The PSU Asingan Campus – Information Technology Society shall compose of the following   officers:      

  1. President (Elected)
  2. Vice President (Elected)
  3. Secretary (Elected)
  4. Treasurer (Elected)
  5. Auditors (2) (Elected)
  6. Public Relations Officers (2) (Elected)
  7. Business Managers (2) (Elected)
  8. Muse (Elected)
  9. Adonis (Elected)
  10. Representatives (4) (Elected)

Section II. All officers must be bona fide students of the member-campus of the PSU.

Section III. Officers must be of good moral character and must be possess leadership skills.

Section IV. Officers must be nominated and elected from among the members of the organization following election proper proceeds.


Section I. The President shall be chief executive officer of the PSU Asingan Campus –  IT Society. He/She shall preside in the meetings of the organization to be undertaken. He/She shall be responsible for the execution of the rules and regulations of this Constitution and by Laws and shall approve or disapprove disbursement and other papers of the organization.

Section II. The Vice President shall assume the duties and a power of the President in latter’s absence. He/She shall exercise supervision of the working committee and functions assign to him/her by the president aside from his/her dreams.

Section III. The secretary shall have the following functions:

  1. Keep all papers and correspondence of the organization.
  2. Assure calls or notices of the regular and special meetings.
  3. Take at all times the minutes of the meeting organization.
  4. Do such other duties aside from his/her if necessary and as assigned by the president.

Section IV. The treasurer shall have the following functions:

  1. Act as fund custodian.
  2. Deposits such funds in a reputable bank.
  3. Keep a record of the funds the club.
  4. Disburse the same in accordance appropriation of expenses of the organization through a resolution approved by the body.

Section V. The Auditors shall:

  1. Submit a written report of the audit of the financial status of the organization.
  2. Exercise such powers and duties as maybe necessary as the organization may assign to him/her.

Section VI. The Public Relation Officers (PRO) shall:

  1. Act as public information officer of the organization.
  2. Maintain a good relationship with other student organization in the school.
  3. Perform other duties which the organization may assign to him/her.

Section VII. Representatives shall:

  1. Representatives from each year level perform other duties as the organization may assign to him/her.

Section VIII. The Muse and Adonis represent the organizations as the symbol of beauty, peace, hope and admiration on all occasions she may be called upon. She shall be living symbol of friendliness and affection and act as the chairman of reception of the committee.



Section I. The organization must have an adviser or board of advisers who shall serve as their overseer in the organization. The board of advisers can be their trainers/coaches and/or coordinators.

Section II. The Campus Executive Director, College Dean, and the Department Chairman will recommend the Adviser of Information Technology Society.

Section III. The following duties and responsibilities of the Adviser are:

  1. Make himself/herself available at all times for consultation to all the members of the organization.
  2. Attends all meetings of the organization.
  3. Assists in the planning of activities for the organization to assure that these activities are realized and the objectives are met.
  4. Be present in all the organization’s activities especially if the activity is off-campus and representing the school.
  5. Act as liaison officer between the campus/ department/ university and the organization.
  6. Coordinates the activity within the campus/ department/ university.
  7. Supervise and monitors the program of the organization.



Section I. Annual election of the officers shall be made before the end of the school year or on the first month of the next year.

Section II. Vacancies in any position shall be filled up either thru election or appointment or agreed upon by organization in a general assembly of its members.




Section I. Regular meeting shall be held once a month or as scheduled. Special meetings must be convened as the needs arise.

Section II. The President and Secretary of the Information Technology Society shall inform the adviser of any meetings so that the officers concerned shall be officially excused from their classes.



Section I.

  1. PSU Asingan Campus- Information Technology Society shall promote activities such as IT week, Webinar and other related activities.
  2. Attendance to Seminars/ Workshop and trainings or Lecture Forum.
  3. Participate in inter-campus researches and assistance within the PSU system.



Section I. Amendments to this constitution may be directly proposed by the members of the IT Society through an initiative upon a petition of attendance in quorum.
Section II. Proposed amendments to  the constitution and by-Law shall be submitted and discussed in a meeting before the final approval, and shall take effect upon the approval of quorum vote in the organization among the voting members present during a meeting called for the purpose.



Section I. This Constitution and by-Laws shall take effect immediately after the organization’s accreditation by the Office of the Student Services. Its adoption shall remain enforced until amended or repealed.

Section II. If any of the provisions of the Constitution and by-Law is declared invalid, the remainder or any provision not affected thereby shall be valid and effective.

Section III. The first or new set of officers under this Constitution and by-Law shall give priority to the following:

  1. Completion of the Organization of the PSU Asingan Campus – Information Technology Society and members;
  2. Providing to the rules to govern its proceedings; and
  3. Adoption of other measures that promote students welfare and interest.