Performing Arts Guild




We, the bona fide students of Pangasinan State University- Asingan Campus, Asingan, Pangasinan, implore the aid of the Almighty God in order to establish an organization that shall showcase the ideas and knowledge, that shall embody our rights and responsibilities, to promote legitimate interest, to foster and enhance our vital roles in nation-building, contribute to the mandated mission and vision of the University, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution and By-Laws.



Name, Nature, and Domicile of the Organization

Section 1. This shall be known as the Performing Arts Guild of PSU- Asingan Campus. It shall be hereinafter referred to as the PSU- Asingan PAG.

Section 2. This PSU- Asingan PAG is an interesting type of student organization. It is represented in a form and shall compose of students in the different year levels and courses.

Section 3. The home office of the PSU- Asingan PAG shall be at Pangasinan State University- Asingan Campus, Asingan, Pangasinan.



Declaration of Principles and Objectives

Section 1. The PAG recognizes its role in creating students’ awareness about the Region’s Association for Student Teachers embodies as an organization for the welfare of its members and to be of assistance to other organizations.

Section 2. The PAG shall:

  • Be an organization of students in the teacher-education department,
  • Be endeavored to promote cordial relations among the students, and with the administration, faculty, and staff of PSU,
  • Promote the cooperation and free interchange of information about the objectives of the PAG among students of PSU- Asingan,
  • Acts as the Official representative of the PAG tasted with the determination of rules and policies that directly affects the students.




Section 1. All students seeking for PAG membership must:

  • Be an enrolled student of PSU- Asingan,


Rights of Students

Section 1. Rights for admission and quality education

  • Admission
  • No students shall be denied for admission of membership of PSU- Asingan PAG by reason of race, age, socioeconomic status, religious belief, political affiliation, conviction, or ideology provided that the University may allocate admission to the foreign student after all qualified applicants shall have been admitted.
  • Every applicant for admission shall be a member
  • Right to adequate welfare services and access to physical and academic facilities.
  • Every member shall have the right to be informed on matters regarding their concerns.
  • Right to free expression including the rights to published regular prints and other similar materials which are not otherwise prohibited by laws.
  • Right to proper and effective use of the school guidance, counseling, medical and dental services.
  • Right to access to his/her own school records, the confidentiality of which the college shall maintain and preserve.
  • Right to be free from unreasonable interference of any kind of whatever source.
  • Right to due process in all proceedings before any administrative or disciplinary sanction is imposed by the administration.

SECTION 2. Right to due in disciplinary proceedings

  • Right to due process
  • The suspension and other disciplinary actions that may be taken against the member shall not be valid unless the ff. right have observed and accorded the student.
  • The right to be informed in writing of the nature and cause of the accusation against her/him
  • The right to confront witnesses against his/her to full access to the evidence in the case.
  • The right to defend himself/herself to be defended by the representative of his/her defense.
  • The right to a hearing before the student disciplinary tribunal
  • The right against self-incrimination; and
  • The right to appeal an adverse decisions of the disciplinary council to the governing board and ultimately to the appropriate education agencies
  • The decision in any disciplinary proceedings must be rendered based on the Relevant and substantial evidence presented at the hearing, or at least contained in the record and discloses to the students affected
  • Disciplinary sanctions shall be corrective rather than punitive or penal in nature.


Executive Council


Section 1. The executive power shall be vested in the president of PAG;

Section 2. The president of the PAG shall have the power to:

  • Preside over meetings of the executive council and the council’s assembly.
  • Call special meetings of the executive council.
  • Create committees in addition to those specifically provided for in the constitution and by-laws.

Section 3. The Vice-President of the PAG shall have the power to

  • Assist the President of the PAG in any administrative task;
  • Assume the duties and responsibilities of the president in the absence or temporary disability or incapacity of the latter;
  • Exercise other powers delegated to him/her by the president

Section 4. The executive secretary of the PAG shall have the power to

  • Assist the president in any affair of the executive council pertaining to his/her office;
  • Be the custodian of the records of meetings of the executive council and responsibility for the safekeeping of all records and documents of the organization.
  • Give proper notice of meetings to all members of the PSU- Asingan PAG.

Section 5. The executive sub-secretary of the PAG shall have the power to

  • Assist the executive secretary of the PAG pertaining to his/her office;
  • Assume the duties and responsibilities of the president in the absence or temporary disability or incapacity of the latter;


  • Exercise other powers delegated to him/her by the President

Section 6. The Treasurer of the PAG shall have the power to

  • Be the custodian of all PAG funds, in coordination with the college Accountant;
  • Keep the books of account which will be the subject of a monthly audit by the PAG Auditor;
  • Have the power to transact requisitions upon the approval of the President and the Auditor;
  • Prepare and publish a statement covering the expenditures from the fund under his/her custody at the end of every semester;
  • Deliver for the safe keeping to the college accountant, all funds remaining from the petty cash at the end of the school semester; and 
  • Perform such other functions as may be required by the office.

Section 7. The Sub-Treasurer shall have the power to

(See section 5)

Section 8. The Auditor shall have the power to

  • Examine and audit the expenditures of the PAG;
  • Countersign requisitions and disbursements to be made by the secretary for finance;
  • Check the validity of any collection being made before the final approval of the President.

Section 9. The Public Relations Officer shall have the power to

  • Serve as the link between the PSU studentry and the PAG;
  • Be in charge of the press releases of the PAG in coordination with the campus publications;
  • Handle all matters related to information regarding the activities of the PAG as well as other functions as may be required by the office.

Section 10. The Business Managers shall have the power to

  • Take charge of the business affairs of the PAG;
  • Be in-charge in coordinating with the various courses and duly recognized extra and co-curricular activities.


Accountability of Officer


Section 1. The officers of the PAG, must, at all times, be accountable to the studentry and serve them and the organization with utmost responsibility, integrity, efficiency, and dedication.

Section 2. The Officers may be removed from office through impeachment if they commit unaccountable acts to question their responsibility, integrity, efficiency, and dedication to the organization.


Election of the Officers


Section 1. There shall be an annual election for the PAG Officers.

Section 2. The Officers shall be composed of:

  • President (Elected)
  • Vice President (Elected)
  • Secretary (Elected)
  • Sub. Secretary (Elected)
  • Treasurer (Elected)
  • Sub. Treasurer (Elected)
  • Auditor (Elected)
  • Public Relations Officers (Elected)
  • Business Managers (Elected)

Section 3. The PAG President and other officers must have the following qualifications:

  • Must be a bona fide student of PSU
  • The President and Vice President must be preferably Senior and Junior Student


Meeting and Quorums


Section 1. The PAG shall hold meetings monthly meetings, as may be decided by the officers.

Section 2. Special or Emergency meetings can be conducted as necessary upon the request of the President or the majority of the PAG members.

Section 3. The Quorum shall be composed of 50% plus one (+1) of the total number of members of the PAG.



Section 1. The PAG shall have three (3) advisers, all being instructors of PSU- Asingan chosen by the PAG Officers, with the approval of the Campus Executive Director.

Section 2. The PAG Advisers must be full-time faculty of PSU Asingan.



Section 1.

  • Funds for the operation of the PAG shall come from the student fees collected with the other school fees during semestral registration, in accordance with the Supreme Student Council abiding with the laws and regulations of the CHED and the University.
  • The PAG may sponsor fundraising activities to finance its function when the need arises, subject to the rules and laws applied.
  • Solicitations and donations may be accepted from any good source.




Section 1. The members of the ASTER1 may propose amendments to this Constitution and By-Laws through a resolution endorsed by at least three members;

Section 2. Any major amendment or revision of this constitution and by-laws may prosper through a vote of 100% of all its members and 50% plus one (+1) for any other revision/s.



Section 1. This Constitution and By-Laws shall take effect immediately from the date that all the current and legitimate members of the PAG have affixed their signatures, and shall take effect until an amendment shall have been conducted;

Section 2. Copies of this Constitution and By-Laws shall be furnished to all the members of the PAG, PAG Advisers, Campus Student Services Coordinator, College Dean and the Campus Executive Director.