In a commitment to transparency and operational excellence, the Pangasinan State University, Asingan Campus is presently undergoing an extensive internal audit guided by Dr. Madlyn D. Tingco, the Campus Executive Director. Scheduled from December 14th to 15th, the audit aims to thoroughly scrutinize the campus’ management systems and processes, focusing on ensuring efficiency and compliance.
Engr. Marilyn Albior serves as the team leader, accompanied by Dr. Randy Joy Ventayen, Director for International Accreditation, and the assigned observer, along with other auditors, meticulously examine the campus’ operational frameworks with core objectives of identifying conformities, discerning non-conformities, and highlighting opportunities for improvement (OFIs) and positive aspects within the campus’ management systems.
Dr. Ventayen sought the reactions of the process owners upon learning about the scheduled audit. Emphasizing its importance, he stated, ‘Our objective goes beyond identifying areas for improvement. Equally vital is showcasing the strengths within our systems, ensuring PSU-Asingan maintains high standards in education and administration.’
Today, the auditors dedicated their full schedule to meticulous auditing across different departments, continuing this comprehensive scrutiny until tomorrow for a thorough evaluation. Some auditors, due to pressing commitments, have opted to reschedule their sessions, while others have arranged for online audits today and some are scheduled next week.
This ongoing internal audit at PSU-AC represents a dedicated effort toward reinforcing transparency and refining operational efficiency. Driven by meticulous assessments led by Engr. Albior, the audit emphasizes a commitment to identify strengths and areas for improvement within the campus’ systems. With auditors’ dedication, this thorough evaluation promises a comprehensive review for elevating the campus’ operational standards.