Research is one of the four-fold functions of the university. This was the main reason why the PSU-Asingan Campus Research and Development Office held a 2-day Research Training and Presentation of the Updated Status of the Approved Research for Academic Year 2022. The 2-day training, September 12โ€“13, 2022, was held at BernVi Home Stay, Alaminos City. The research activity was spearheaded by our research-oriented and competent Campus Executive Director, Dr. Armando D. Junio, and the hard-working Research Coordinator, Ms. Analyn Diola. The activities were also attended by the Dean of Technology and Business, Mr. JB O. Doria, chairpersons of different departments, Dr. Mary Jane Quibilan, Program Chair of BEE and Gen. Ed., Ms. Marry Ann Soberano, Program Chair of BSE and BTLED, Ms. Wenna De Leon Honrado, Program Chair of Information Technology, Dr. Lobien Soriano, Program Chair of Business Administration, and Engr. Napoleon Esperon, Program Chair of Industrial Technology. The event was graced by Dr. Elbert M. Galas, Vice President for Administration and Linkages, who was invited to give the closing remarks.

The PSU-funded research and outreach programโ€™s goals were for the faculty and staff to acquire knowledge and skills essential for implementing and conducting interdisciplinary research. The flexible research training includes strategies for writing terminal reports as well as practical tips and skills on patent search and patenting, and presenting and publishing research findings or outputs in line with the priority areas of the campus.