Look | Pres. Galas Unveils 50M Tech Building Plan in Asingan Campus visit

In a groundbreaking move aimed at reshaping Pangasinan State University, Asingan Campus, the University President, Dr. Elbert M. Galas, orchestrated an electrifying President’s Forum and Turn-Over Ceremony, marked a pivotal moment in PSU-AC’s evolution — bringing the vision of a 50 million Technology building to reality held last November 21 at the campus covered court.

The campus hummed with anticipation as Dr. Galas, deeply intertwined in its history as the former Campus Executive Director in 2020, arrived to cheers and PSU’s iconic blue and yellow balloons, creating an atmosphere brimming with shared pride and promise.

Setting the tone, Dr. Madlyn D. Tingco, the new Campus Executive Director, stressed the Forum’s significance in fostering open dialogue and inclusivity. Simultaneously, Dr. Rosario DL. Valencerina, the former CED, lauded the campus’ achievements, laying the groundwork for an announcement that would echo through PSU halls for years to come.

Dr. Galas unveiled PSU-AC’s bold roadmap for 2023–2027, emphasizing a pivotal Php 50 million investment in a cutting-edge, four-story Technology building. This strategic move aims to transform PSU-AC into an innovation hub, forging the path for the pioneering ‘Technology Campus’ and a new institutional identity.

“I’m pleased to announce the approval of the Php 50 million project, the sole selection among 60 proposals approved by the DBM,” President Galas shared.

“It’s within the President’s discretion to choose the most prioritized project, and this will greatly impact PSU-AC’s future,” he added.

Amidst the charged atmosphere, Engr. Carlos Lopez Jr., Asingan’s Municipal Mayor, pledged unwavering support to PSU-AC, cementing the partnership between the campus and local governance.

In a noteworthy presence at the forum, Prof. Ester G. Lomboy, retired and former Campus Executive Director, also actively listened alongside the students as the President addressed their questions and concerns.

In the same vein, Asst. Prof. JB O. Doria, Dean of the College of Technology and Business, wholeheartedly supported the project, highlighting its transformative potential within the academic sphere. He pledged his support and commitment to diligently oversee the project’s progress, ensuring thorough monitoring and successful implementation.

As the event concluded, Dr. Honelly Mae Cascolan, College Dean of Education, extended heartfelt appreciation to all attendees, specifically commending President Galas for his foresight and leadership, highlighting the historic significance of the Php 50 million project approval.

In the afternoon, Dr. Galas gracefully participated in the Turn-Over Ceremony, paying tribute to the outgoing CED, Dr. Valencerina, and extending a warm welcome to the newly-appointed CED, Dr. Tingco. This significant event was graced by the presence of the esteemed Faculty Regent, Prof. Ace John Mark P. Liwanag. Following this, the president led an engaging forum at the PSU-AC library, fostering open dialogues among faculty and staff to tackle pertinent issues and cultivate a spirit of collaboration.

Captured by: Sharmae Campos, Christian Paulo Leano, Romel Collo, Daniel Soberano, Chester Quebral (Photojournalists)