The PSU-AC made history by celebrating the first-ever Bachelor in Technology and Livelihood Education (BTLED) Day with the theme “Fostering a Culture of Creativity and Innovation in Technology and Livelihood Education,”led by Dr. Rosario DL. Valencerina, together with Dr. Honelly Mae S. Cascolan, Dean of the College of Education, and Ms. Mary Anne E. Soberano, Chairman of the BSE and BTLEd department at the covered court. April 4.


Dr. Valencerina commended Dr. Cascolan, Ms. Soberano, and the BTLED students for organizing the event and giving them a chance to showcase their laboratory skills while Dr. Cascolan emphasized innovation as the key to creating new products in the technology and industry sectors, encouraging BTLED students to be more creative and innovative in their product packaging, while still prioritizing taste and nutritional value.


Meanwhile, Ms. Soberano stated the purpose of the activity and she also said that BTLED has 14 areas of specialization and her department will help to prepare students for their chosen careers by obtaining 14 national certificates.


The day featured various contests that demonstrated the skills and talents of PSU-AC’s BTLED students. The Creative Filipino Breakfast Challenge was a highlight of the event, with participants preparing unique and creative breakfast dishes using local ingredients. Other contests included table skirting, flat lay and mobile photography, dish garden, recycle center piece making contest, and quiz bowl. These contests aimed to promote sustainable living, environmental awareness, and a culture of learning and growth in technology and livelihood education.


The winners of the contests were announced as follows: 


Creative Filipino Breakfast Challenge

1st Place: first Year

2nd place: thirdyear

3rd place: second year


Flat Lay and Mobile Photography


1st Place: second year

2nd Place: first year

3rd Place: third year


Dish Garden

1st Place: second Year

2nd Place: third year

3rd Place: first year


Table Skirting


1st Place: second year

2nd Place: third year

3rd Place: first year


Recycled Centerpiece Making Contest


1st Place: first year

2nd Place: third year

3rd Place: second year


Quiz Bee

Winner: Rhea Escorpizo, 2nd year


Overall, the event was a success in promoting creativity and innovation among the BTLED students, and in fostering a culture of learning and growth in technology and livelihood education.