The PSU-AC showcased its commitment to excellence in project procurement management as Dr. Rosario DL. Valencerina, the esteemed Campus Executive Director, spearheaded a highly productive meeting at the acccreditation room, May 16. The objective of the gathering was to formulate a comprehensive Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) that would streamline procurement processes and ensure the efficient execution of projects.
Mr. Laurence Agsalud, the Planning Coordinator, played a key role in emphasizing the significance of collaborative efforts in achieving successful procurement practices. With their combined expertise and dedication, all aspects of project procurement were thoroughly addressed during the meeting.
The participation of Dr. Honelly Mae S. Cascolan, the Dean of the College of Education, and Mr. JB O. Doria, the Dean of the College of Technology and Business, highlighted the importance of effective project procurement management within their respective colleges. Dr. Gloria M. Ducut, the Campus Executive Secretary, and other campus officials were also present, demonstrating the collective commitment of the campus administration in enhancing procurement procedures for various projects.
Under the guidance of Dr. Valencerina, the participants engaged in fruitful discussions on crucial topics such as ethical standards, transparency, and accountability in project procurement. The meeting focused on developing effective communication channels, fostering strong relationships, and optimizing procurement systems to achieve better outcomes.
Active participation characterized the meeting as attendees exchanged ideas, shared success stories, and addressed challenges related to project procurement management. Dr. Valencerina fostered an open and inclusive environment that encouraged the exploration of diverse perspectives.
As a result, a comprehensive Project Procurement Management Plan tailored to the unique needs of Pangasinan State University, Asingan Campus was formulated. The plan encompasses well-defined processes and guidelines that ensure transparent and efficient procurement practices aligned with the campus’s strategic goals.
Expressing gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions, Dr. Valencerina emphasized the campus’s dedication to continuous improvement in project procurement management. She highlighted the importance of upholding integrity and implementing best practices to enhance the campus’s reputation for delivering high-quality projects.
Under the exemplary leadership of Dr. Rosario DL. Valencerina and the collaborative efforts of the attendees, PSU-AC is poised to become a role model for efficient and responsible project procurement management. By implementing the Project Procurement Management Plan, the campus aims to optimize project outcomes, promote sustainability, and uphold its commitment to providing the highest standards of education.