The Pangasinan State University Faculty Regent, Mr. Ace Ponce Liwanag, engaged in a productive consultation meeting with the faculty and staff of PSU-Asingan Campus to address a wide range of important topics held in the accreditation room, May 10.


During the meeting, the Faculty Association officers and members raised their concerns and asked important questions about faculty welfare, issues on salaries of the contractual faculty members, faculty benefits, reimbursement guidelines, clarification of travel guidelines, and more.


Mr. Liwanag expressed his commitment to address these concerns and emphasized the need to give proper attention to faculty concerns. He promised to work together with the faculty to find solutions that would benefit everyone. He also assured the faculty members that their concerns are his priority and that he will take necessary actions to ensure their rights are respected.


Mr. Liwanag addressed each concern raised during the meeting, including the renewal of the services among contractual faculty members. He promised to take up this concern with the university administration and ensure that the contractual faculty members receive their salaries on time. He also promised to clarify the guidelines on travel and reimbursements, review faculty benefits such as PBB, CNA, healthcare, etc., and ensure fair and merit-based promotion processes.


Furthermore, the faculty members also expressed their concerns about the availability of gym equipment, a faculty lounge with a living room, comfort room, and small kitchen, and faculty development activities. Mr. Liwanag committed to collaborating with the university administration to address these concerns and ensure that the faculty members have access to the facilities and activities necessary to support their work.


The faculty consultation meeting was a productive event that addressed the concerns raised by the faculty members. Mr. Liwanag’s commitment to clarifying guidelines, reviewing benefits, and finding solutions demonstrates his dedication to improving the welfare of the faculty members and ensuring that they have the necessary support to excel in their roles. As he said, “We will work together to provide a better future for the faculty members and the university.”