Another batch of campuses in Pangasinan State University is scheduled to be accredited this year by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines Inc. (AACCUP) on December 7 to 11 to assess the university’s excellence and quality service in its academic programs.

On the first day, an opening program was hosted by the Office of the Vice President for Quality Assurance headed by Dr. Elbert Galas alongside the Director for Institutional Assessment and Accreditation Dr. Weenalei Fajardo at the Dr. Telesforo Boquiren Convention Hall to communicate with the accreditors from different State Universities and Colleges from other regions via Zoom.

University President Dr. Dexter Buted welcomed the roster of accreditors while the Vice Presidents introduced their respective unit directors and heads afterwards. “AACCUP has greatly contributed in improving the academic programs we offer along different areas, ensuring that these programs produce competent and highly employable graduates in the future”, Dr. Buted stated in his speech.

Dr. Buted also mentioned that through quality assurance, the PSU family is confident that they can reach greater heights and be of better service to the community. “With several quality assurance tools that our university employ, we had seen so much growth in our operations, support services and governance which led us to fully embrace continuous quality improvement, not to be perfect but to be a better performing university” , he added.

Among the campuses to be accredited is the Sta. Maria Campus to which there Bachelor of Science in Agriculture will face Level 4 Phase 1.

Lingayen Campus will have both Bachelor of Public Administration and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration evaluated for Level 3 Phase 2. Moreover, the Bachelor of Science in Biology will undergo its Preliminary Survey Visit.

Asingan Campus has three programs to be accredited which are the Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technologies, Bachelor of Science in Education and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, all aiming for Level 3 Phase 1.

Infanta Campus will also have a Preliminary Survey Visit for its Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Social Studies.

Furthermore, the School of Advanced Studies charts its Doctor of Education and Master of Arts in Education programs for Level 4 Phase 1.

The hardworking members of the university are hoping for positive results in this journey as this will benefit PSU through instruction, research, extension, and production as well as its stakeholders. Thus, earning the said titles will indeed serve as an early Christmas gift for PSUnians.