Pangasinan State University held awarding and turn over ceremonies of the Philippine Consortium for Mathematics, Science, and Technology’s chairmanship on April 7, 2021 via Zoom meeting.

Forty-two member-SUCs represented by University Presidents convened for the PCSMT’s awarding and turn over ceremonies. Moreover, the event served as an avenue for the election of new set of officers with Abra State Institute of Science and Technology and to Dr. Benjamin T. Turqueza at the helm of chairmanship.

For over two sterling years of PCMST’s chairmanship, PSU led by Dr. Dexter R. Buted is charged only with greatness and excellence, even amidst these challenging times, the consortium remained steadfast and undeterred.

‘We are all trying to make sense of this unprecedented situation, it still fluid, uncertain, unfair and very demanding of us, but we can make ways possible to help each other in these trying times,’ said DRB.

Trailblazer of Inclusivity and Innovation

For almost two decades since its establishment in 1982, the now-PCSMT was formerly called as Philippine Science Consortium. But when PSU took the helm in leading the consortium in August 2018, the organization’s name was changed and successfully registered to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) as Philippine Consortium for Science, Mathematics, and Technology or PCSMT.

PCSMT through DRB’s leadership has undertaken historical feats since its establishment. This remarkable undertaking was marked by PSU’s bold initiative to be more inclusive in its purpose, goals, and objectives. The initial move was succeeded by the thorough amendment and ratification of its constitution and by-laws through a Joint Council and Secretariat Meeting in 2019, broadening the Consortium’s ambit of objectives to Mathematics and Technology.

Boosting its academic existence, PCSMT conducted the first Science and Technology Youth Leadership Encampment (STYLE) at the University of Rizal System in 2019. In the same year, the first PCSMT Research Congress was also organized and realized at Benguet State University.

Continuity of Unparalleled Excellence

Despite the looming dangers of the pandemic, the PCSMT remained undaunted as it proceeded with its 2nd Annual National Math & Science Quiz with the staging of the first Search for PCSMT Ambassador and Ambassadress in January 2020.

As an active response to the sudden shift in education set-up, the Consortium’s collaborative effort brought into realization series of webinars for faculty and student development.

‘PCSMT stands tall in recognizing the enhancement of education in creating positive learning environment where everyone is valued and a strong sense of purpose prevails through flexible learning intervention both for faculty and students,’ DRB echoed. /ksg