University President Dr. Dexter Buted was easy-breezy in the hot seat as he was invited by SDS Shiela Marie Primicias and Maestro Joseph Bacani to guest in the December 17 episode of Leksyon Pangasinan One on One, the weekly radio and online broadcast of the Department of Education.

With over twenty three thousand total views, this episode marked the highest total number of views since their pilot aired on September.

The two-hour interview accentuated Dr. Buted’s transformational leadership as the youngest president in the evolution of Pangasinan State University. Impressed with his achievements and his outstanding credentials, the hosts took the opportunity to ask the president’s secret recipes from living in the silver lining as child up to his present life playing the role of a university president and a father of five children. They were also interested in Dr. Buted’s amazing life decisions given that he is an Ilocano residing in Batangas who then applied for a high position in a state university in Pangasinan. Dr. Buted shared the highlights of his journey with pleasure.

When asked on his tactics in maintaining the legacy he has built, he noted the importance of establishing a quality assurance office. “Kaya ipinasok ang ISO para magkaraoon ng standards. Kahit wala na ako, kahit wala na ang mga lahat ng leaders doon, continuous pa rin na magaling ang PSU dahil sa standards, that’s the beauty of having a quality assurance office,” he explained.

Moreover, Dr. Buted mentioned PSU’s mission to encourage out-school-youth to make their dreams possible through education. He also shared the institution’s changes through time and future plans.

After the long chit-chat and steamy fast talk, Dr. Buted wowed the audience with a sweet serenade by Wency Cornejo.

Dr. Buted truly did inspire thousands of teachers with his life and works in this interview. The viewers stated their admiration and gratitude to the President in the comment section of Leksyon Pangasinan’s Facebook broadcast./jjdz