AS THE CHALLENGE CONTINUES, a timely discussion on Disaster Risk Reduction Management(DRRM) Orientation underlining ‘resilience during pandemic era’ was conducted by the Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus thru Gender and Development (GAD) unit, this October 21 (Wednesday).

The event which was held at Dr. Telesforo N. Boquiren Convention Hall, aimed to equip participants on necessary protocols and standards to be followed in this COVID-19 situation.

Attended by some 25 participants, the orientation was starred by some notable speakers from local DRRM field.

Ms. Melani B. Caronongan, NSTP and Risk Management Coordinator of the campus, was tasked to present the topic on “Building and Maintaining Resilience in a pandemic”, sharing how important to be holistically strong during crisis like this.

Managing the threats posed by a pandemic is critical for survival, so a “Risk Management during the pandemic” was shared by Philippine Red Cross San Carlos City Branch Coordinator Rex Vincent Escaño to navigate the risks and opportunities associated with the COVID-19 situation.

Meanwhile, standards and protocols were explained by Ms. Dorothy Faye Centeno and Mr. Vincent Jun Chiu, staff from the Provincial DRRMO on behalf of Spokesperson Avenix Arenas, to brace the know-hows during pandemic as they discussed “DRRM amidst pandemic”.

And lastly, Dr. Christia Marie P. Flores, PSU Director for Dental and Medical Sevices, presented “Safety Measures against COVID-2019” to address health and safety concerns through new and evolving policies.m

After staging the event, the GAD unit is plotting a series of seminar and webinar which is focused on some pressing problems and issues in the society. In fact, on October 28, another activity was set for the virtual seminar along with the students of PSU Lingayen underlining similar topics on DRRM.    /mmpd