PURSUANT TO Presidential Proclamation 1172 s. 2006, the Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus escalated commitment to promote violence-free community by staging the Orientation on Anti-violence against Women and their Children (VAWC) Act of 2004 on November 27 (Friday).

Thru the initiative of the Gender and Development (GAD) Unit, about 30 teaching and non-teaching personnel participated in the event anchored by the theme “VAW-free community starts with me”.

“This orientation coincides with the third day of the annual nationwide observance of the 18-day campaign to end violence against women and children,” Dr. Presley V. de Vera, GAD Coordinator, said.

The campaign which starts from November 25 to December 12, emphasizes everyone’s commitment and contribution to end violence against women and children presenting an ideal picture of a VAW-free community.

Dr. de Vera also added that the campus supports the anti-VAW efforts of the government as it encourages all members ‘to join the cause to end violence’.

As response, the Dr. Telesforo N. Boquiren Convention Hall was flooded by orange colored shirts which symbolize hope and optimistic future in support to United Nation’s campaign to anti-VAWC.

Moreover, various discussions were presented for the participants to understand deeply the VAWC Act.

Dr. de Vera presented the ‘VAWC Core Messages’ where she emphasized that VAW is not limited to physical abuse but can also take the form of emotional, verbal, psychological, economic and sexual abuse.

On the other hand, Atty. Rosenda dela Cruz discussed ‘VAWC Cases during the Pandemic’ where she cited some existing cases of VAWC in this time of situation.

Atty Marian R. Yanes also explained ‘Republic Act 9262’ to give understanding that VAWC is not just a major public health problem but also a grave violation of human rights.

In the end, the unit was very happy to gather public support from the participants as they were empowered to know and claim their rights, and educated on where to seek help in cases of violence.

Aside from the orientation, a webinar on anti-VAWC was already conducted last November 25, where the participants were students.    /mmpd