ALL OF THE OFFICES in Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus (PSU-LC) and Main Office were shut this week from October 28-30, to give way to the disinfection operation in response to the rising COVID-19 cases in the province.

Said operation which is part of the campus disaster preparedness and response plan, was spearheaded by the Campus Risk Management Office,  and Physical Plants and Facilities in cooperation with Lingayen Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, and Bureau of Fire Protection.

All buildings, comfort rooms, pathways, corridors and other facilities were decontaminated on October 29 (Thursday) to assure the safety and wellness of the employees in the school premise.

The disinfection operation is one of the recommended response protocol which is considered as Infection Prevention and Control Measure against COVID-19 by the Interagency Task Force in reference to their Resolution No. 38.

Moreover, the campus is planning to conduct a regular decontamination operation to prevent the spread of harmful virus. Aside from this, it can be recalled that the administration also distributed face masks, face shields, disinfectant alcohol and even sacks of rice to the employees at time of this pandemic crisis.    /mmpd