In preparation for the AACUP Online Accreditation for BSBA program, the PSU-AC went through with its second and third onsite local accreditation visits to ensure the compliance of the program with the standards and policies, April 20 and May 3, 2021 respectively.

 Dr. Weenalei T. Fajardo, Director for Institutional Assessment and Accreditation, monitored the said onsite local accreditation with the assistance of Ms. Magie-Lyn Tamayo, QA Office staff, to guarantee that the documents uploaded were completely reviewed and evaluated with at least 75% accomplishment for the 2nd visit and 100% for the 3rd one before the AACUP accreditation.

The local accreditors who spent whole day review of the documents needed for every  local accreditation visit  were: Dr. Cristie Marie C. Dalisay under VMGO (Area I); Dr. Jennifer Parrone  for faculty (Area II); Dr. Amelita C. De Vera, head of the local accreditors  in Curriculum and Instruction (Area III); Dr. Randy Ventayen, Dr. Honelly Mae S. Cascolan, and Dr. Romary Lincod in Support to Students( Area IV); Dr. Frederick F. Patacsil for Research (Area V); Dr. Elmer C. Vingua for Extension and Community Involvement (Area VI); Ms. Marry Ann C. Mangapot for the Library (Area VII); Engr. Rodel Hacla for Physical Plant and Facilities (Area VIII); Dr. Frederick F. Patacsil for the Laboratory (Area IX); and Dr. Cristie Marie C. Dalisay for the Administration(Area X).

With the collaborative efforts of the area chairs who were assigned in preparing the documents led by the BSBA chairman, Dr. Lobien Soriano, the BSBA department completed the requirements provided in each of the parameters and sub-parameters of each area for the  local accreditation.