A GREATER FOCUS on Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus (PSU-LC) industry linkages was set after SITEL Group, a digital solutions company, visited the institution to expand partnership in support to students’ future careers, this November 25 (Wednesday).

“The SITEL Baguio is one of our unswerving partners in providing our graduates with employment opportunities, as well as, internship programs for graduating students,” Ms. Beverly Fernandez, Campus Guidance Counselor, said.

Despite of the pandemic situation, the Office of the PSU Admission and Guidance is very honored to be visited by the SITEL’s top management, Ms. Fernandez added, which is indeed a manifestation that the institution is one of the sought after universities, carving a mark in terms of providing employment-ready graduates.

As a commitment, the SITEL Group assured to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with PSU to fortify its undertakings in building strong career paths for students thru job fairs, recruitment possibilities, internships programs and other initiatives related to their corporate social responsibility.

“As of now, we are tying up with more industry partners to continue the services offered by the office in providing employment opportunities to our clienteles,” the Guidance Counselor said.

In fact, the office conducted E-career Expo last September 10 to help students and alumni achieve their goal to land their future jobs by meeting future sponsors, and reputable and well-established company representatives via online.

The office also devised a monitoring scheme started last August 19 for PSU graduates to update them with job openings of partner companies using online placement which serves as data pool of alumni’s information.

As of writing, there are about 643 respondents and the office is looking forward to mount its efforts to reach more graduates, as well as, more industry linkages like with SITEL Group for greener opportunities.

Meanwhile, the graduates can still access the online placement by clicking this link: