The beauty of PSUnians shines once more.

Ms. Jan Rlee De Guzman, a first-year English major at PSU Bayambang Campus, bagged the title of Bb. Bayambang 2021. This 19-year-old belle bested the 19 other representatives hailing from the different barangays in the municipality of Bayambang, Pangasinan.

Aside from Ms. De Guzman, another PSUnian also stood out. Ms. Daniela Daria May Llanillo, a BSE English graduate in 2019, brought home the title Bb. Bayambang Tourism 2021. Ms. De Guzman and Ms. Llanillo were the last two women standing. Truly, PSU Bayambang is a powerhouse not only of excellence but also of beauty.

Mabuhay ang gandang Bayambangueña! Mabuhay ang gandang PSUnian!