The Pangasinan State University priority research areas are on Salt farming and production, Nypa frutican, Moringa oliefera (Malunggay), and ways and means to deliver quality instruction despite the pandemic. Align with this the PSU Asingan Campus Research Council conducts Experimental Researches on the improvement of Salt refinery thereby reducing the emission thru the use of Salt Water Distillation Device, the culture and tradition of salt farming, and the bio-physical conditions at the Salt farms; the nursery care and rehabilitation of Nypa frutican mangrove ecosystem; 101 Ways to Prepare Moringa Dishes and the coping mechanisms of students amidst the challenges during the pandemic. In addition, the Ultraviolet boxes were devised to disinfect the documents of the frontline offices of the campus.

The Research Office is adequately supplied with materials needed and is managed by competent staff. Research assistants are chosen among the best students in the Campus representing each Department.

Research funds were provided by the University and in 2020 to 2021 amidst the lockdown, P500,000 research fund was provided by the Department of Agriculture through the Director for Research and Development, Dr. Larry Santos.

The research entitled “Desirability of Nypa frutican Shake among Faculty and Staff of PSU Asingan” and “Acceptability of Moringa Pancake among Faculty and Staff of PSU Asingan” won First and Second Place in the 2021 REIGn Week Celebration.

The Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Honelly Mae S. Cascolan was awarded “Outstanding Researcher of the Year” and the Research and Development Coordinator, Ms Analyn I. Diola, was also awarded, “Outstanding Researcher of the Year”, “Outstanding Teacher of the Year”, and “Innovative Teacher of the Year” during the Second Instabright Awards for Educators in January 9, 2021 at the Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay City, Philippines.

Ms Analyn I. Diola, Research and Development Coordinator, also is a part of the Environmental Justice Sector Reform Project Phase 2 of the Tanggol Kalikasan funded by the USAID.

Currently, the PSU Asingan Research Council in cooperation with Zennor Hydroponics Farms in on the research and development of products using hydroponically grown vegetables such as lettuce pasta and noodles.