Pangasinan State University developed a pillow from organic rice hull from a 2018-2020 Department of Agriculture funded Project entitled “Life Cycle Assessment in Rice Production Systems and By-Products Management in Selected Rice Farms of Pangasinan”. The Project was led by the Director of Research and Development, Dr. Larry A. Santos, Dr Irene De Vera, Ms Analyn Diola and Edwin Alferez. 

The rice hull pillow was generated from an organic farming system in Alaminos City. The rice hull was sun dried, microwaved and sanitized. The processed rice hull were sacked on washed sanitized flour cloth, then double coated with blue and gold cases. The organic pillows from buckwheat, cotton and other plant materials were originally used in India, China, Japan and Korea and were proven to promote good health. According to the majority of the user-respondents, the organic rice pillow is highly acceptable and promotes good sleep.