More than a year ago, the Covid19 pandemic has caused misery in the lives of many people all over the world. To date, there are around 181.8 million reported positive cases and with a mortality of 3.9 million worldwide. In the Philippines, the morbidity and mortality rates are also very alarming, what with the new Covid variants that are now being transmitted in some parts of the country.

PSU Asingan is no exception to this, as it has recorded at least eight (8) cases, prompting the PSU administration to declare work-from-home schemes to prevent its rapid transmission. As a proactive approach in its prevention, the Research and Extension offices of the campus headed by Prof. Analyn Diola and Engineer Eric Cunanan, in collaboration with the CED Dr. Valentin B. Calpo Jr., conducted exploratory readings on the use of UV lights in reducing the microbial populations in potentially exposed areas. Basing on the present practices of hospitals in using UV lights in disinfecting patient beds, operating rooms, and sinks, and the sense of urgency of lowering COVID19 virus transmission in the campus, Prof. Diola and Engr. Cunanan, started a research study entitled “Development and Use of UV Sterilization Box for PSU Asingan”, in order to initiate a safe and convenient disinfection method of documents, office materials, laboratories, submitted modules, and office equipment. The process doesn’t use any chemicals, thus preventing the risk of any poisonous chemical residue behind. 

UV light sanitizers can be a great alternative to chemical products that might be out of stock or outright poisonous. With many conducted researches proving its effectiveness, lingering doubts about its efficacy will remain, but this research will prove that in most cases UV sanitizers are effective in killing 99% of germs.